“Well, the 3rd OBP Polka Days is in the books. To say it was simply spectacular, is an understatement. A great big THANK YOU to Richie Polka , Wally Dombrowski, Lynn Maynard,Maryrose Guerrieri Nesbitt and the entire staff of volunteers. Also, to the polka stars of today who played and sang their hearts out all 4 days, to my fellow colleagues at the jammer who brought the sights and sounds to those who could not be there in person and to all those polka fans both far and near who brought their families and friends to enjoy everything that the “Nations #1 Polka Festival” has to offer. What do you say we all meet back at the beach June 21, 2017 and make some more “Polka Memories” ? I hope to see you next year “at the beach”

-Keith Stras


“What an outstanding festival!!! Congratulations to Richie and Wally Dombrowski on making Ocean Beach a hugh success!!  Their hard work and dedication is much appreciated!!  This is by far “The Festival” of all fests!!!  For those of you who missed it, you missed a GREAT time!! But now is your chance to plan for the next year!  4 days of sun, sand, the ocean, friends, drinks and polkas, it doesn’t get any better!!  Thank you Richie and Wally for brining memories back to those who attended the fest years ago.  And for those who were there for their first time ro Ocean Beach, THANK YOU for giving us wonderful memories never to be forgotten!!”

-Amy Lasceski


“The whole family had a great weekend.  We will definitely be back next year, they are already planning it!!!!!”

-Kimberly Rubinstein


“Outstanding job, Bro!  Signed, The Assistant Door Nazi”

-Jill Krzeszewski


“Polkas and the beach, what more could you ask for?!  What a great weekend Richie, awesome job!”

-Lori Urbanczyk


“Thank you again for hosting such a fantastic festival and mini vacation.  I’m still in recovery mode and nursing a nice sunburn.  Hope to make it out again next year.   Good times!!”

-Debbie Dunaj

“Thank y ou for the best weekend ever!  The weather was perfect, the bands were great!  The people, the ocean, the food, awesome, such a wonderful time.  Can’t wait til next year.”

-Maryann Schach


“All I can say is what a wonderful weekend it was at Ocean Beach polka days!  A big hats off to Richie and Wally Dombrowski for putting on such a great weekend!!  Looking forward to coming back next year!”

-Matt Rosinski

“Ocean Beach Polka Days Fest is in my opinion the best festival throughout the land.  I had so much fun this weekend can’t wait for next year.   For those that missed it better make plans for next year!!  Thanks to all my friends who I got to experience this with!!!”

-Simon Buzalski

“What a GREAT weekend starting last Thursday thru Sat.  Rich and Wally what an event.  Can’t wait to come back Next Year.  To who could not make it this year, start planning for next year.  I do not think you will be disappointed!”

-James Pietranczyk

“What a phenomenal festival put on by Richie Dombrowski and the entire staff in Ocean Beach!  Thanks so much for letting The KNEWZ be a part of it.  Already looking forward to next year!!!”

-Andy Bojczuk

“All I can say is WOW!  Hats off to Richie and Wally for putting together such an amazing festival!  So many great memories made that will never be forgotten!”

-Kayla Rosinski

“It was a SUPER festival.  Thanks for all the hard work putting this together.  A home run.  Coming back next year for sure.”

-Roscoe Powell

“It is exactly 1 week to the minute now since I arrived at Ocean Beach Park on a beautiful and breezy Thursday evening…. I have been floating on a type of “Polka-high” for a week now…If you didn’t have the time of your life there last week, something is wrong!!!!  What a fantastic weekend and huge congratulations to everybody who made it such a success!!!”

-Jonathan Lomnychuk